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Ask2me Solutions is a  official Technology Partner of Ubenclick | All In One portal | Ubenclick Technology is Fully fledged Technology Solution and SaaS company and have 3Millions globally Users and subscriber base .

Ubenclick technology is Pioneer SaaS company and it provides global Based Business and Customer SaaS Product and solutions ( They Have 20+ SaaS and D2C Web products and out of 20 product Ask2mesolution Consultancy has developed and Designed 15 products and make it successful.)

Visit Ubenclick Website proudly Developed by Ask2meSolutions 

Categories that Ubenclick Deal with and Create Products -:

Business Information Systems



Consumer Software


Information Services

Information Technology



Ubenclick is a Technology and Innovative Diversified Internet Company /portal where they strive to provide every Internet Products and Internet Related Services and Solutions to the Customers and Businesses. Ubenclick is an all-in-one Internet Portal and Tech Consultancy Firm where the  provide all IT Related services and Digital Solutions that endeavor to make the life of internet users much easier and they aim to make Ubenclick All In One Tech And SaaS Company provides 10+ SaaS products .   . They aim to make internet World easier and more Easier for users. Ubenclick primarily makes the Portal All In One Portal easy ,simple, and reliable for users. The company is predominantly a web content aggregator , Information technology and Consultancy company . Ubenclick Holdings hold approximately 25 Sub Solution and Portals which provides you best Utility Internet and Digital Solution

We ,Ask2me Solutions has successfully developed Ubenclick Technology Main website + We have  also developed it's other affiliate products Website and Technologies (20+ Product ) all based on Powerful SAAS and CMS based Website .

List of Products (list of Websites that we have developed for Ubenclick).

Below all are URLS of Websites which is proudly Developed by Ask2meSolutions. is a main domain and all others are Sub products of (Developed by Ask2meSolutions)

1. - 

BusinessGo - Website Builder and No code Web Development Solution SaaS software.

2. (Digital Business card and WhatsApp store builder SAAS Product) - (Watch Free TV and Online Streaming Platform) (Free 70+ million Songs along with Video Streaming Platform.) (POS , CRM ,HRM , Accounting and Inventory Management Software for Retail Businesses SAAS Product)

6. (OpenAi and ChatGpt Integrated Ai Based AiWriter ( Ai based  Copywriting and Content Writing Solution.) (Online Store Builder SAAS Product ) (Complete Business Suite comes with Powerful CMS , ERP , HRM , CRM And Project Management Software) ( Repair Center Status and appointment tracking software) ( Domain Search Engine)

- ( Web Search engine with Torrent Search Engine )

- (Instant FileS Sharing and Powerful cloud storage Solutions)

- ( Free Education Video Streaming platform)

Ask2me Solutions is Official Technology Partner of Ubenclick Technologies.

Ubenclick Website Developed by Ask2meSolutions

Ubenclick Website and Technology Development

Client Name
: Ubenclick Technologies
: Enterprise-Level Growth-Oriented Web and App Development Solutions
Start Date
: 26th December, 2019
End Date
: 24th August, 2020
: Completed